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Tekla PowerFab

We've got your shop

Learn about how Tekla can help with your shop's specific needs.


We make switching systems seamless

Tekla makes it easy to bring over necessary data from existing systems using our proprietary Conversion Tool.

Why PowerFab?

We have the tools you need in one software suite


Utilize 3D models to create an in-depth BOM with an integrated library of shapes and connections, then easily share them with all project partners.


Confidently build thorough project estimates that include material, labor and any needed finishes, while managing and capturing project production in real time.


Empower shop personnel with real-time access to project information and visual tools to provide live production updates back in the office.


Making the Transition From FabTrol to Tekla PowerFab

Learn the key features that made Lexicon's switch to Tekla PowerFab seamless and successful. 

steel fabrication management MIS software from Tekla PowerFab, a Trimble software solution
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We’re leading the industry

Structural steel fabrication shops from all over the United States

 put their trust in Tekla PowerFab as the most reliable MIS solution.


AISC Board of Directors work with fabricators using Tekla PowerFab


Former FabTrol companies successfully converted to Tekla PowerFab


New features added to Tekla PowerFab 2022i

this year

Glass Buildings

Get the technology your shop needs

Tekla PowerFab is a comprehensive software suite that provides you with a systematic, collaborative approach to managing your fabrication. Developed specifically for steel fabricators, it delivers a smooth, continuous and real-time flow of information throughout the project lifecycle. 

Let us show you how Tekla PowerFab can work for you.

See how our customers use Tekla

What our customers are saying:

“On average, we used to bid a project every ten days. Now, we're bidding three projects each week.” 


—  Adam Norman,

      GMF Steel

We’re not going anywhere

Tekla's commitment to meet the changing needs of our customers has created a history of continuous innovation.


Tekla PowerFab EPM Go Tablet Image.jpg
EPM Go launches

The first and only program of its kind that allows you to work from anywhere—even from your phone.


retertUntitled design.png
Enhanced scheduling abilities

A new production schedule gives users the option for connected Gantt chart scheduling.


image (2).png
Added schedule of values

This function gives users the ability to easily perform inspections for electronic QA/QC, draft contracts and create invoices.


2015 PF Timeline Image_edited.jpg
New resource management tools

Updates to the scheduling features provide improved visibility to production times and resource allocation in the short and long term.


PF parts assemblies.png
Standardized material traceability

New instance tracking makes it easier for users to take advantage of granular tracking of assemblies and parts.


2018 PF Timeline image_edited.jpg
FabSuite & estimodeling

Trimble acquires FabSuite and adds the ability to view 3D models alongside data.


2019 PF Timeline Image_edited.jpg
New model-centric connection

Tekla PowerFab launches, creating the first and only truly model-centric fabrication bundle.





Improved visibility for external processes

New field stations are added for tracking and visualizing progress on the jobsite.

2021 PF Timeline image_edited.jpg
New dashboard reporting

Enhanced dashboard reporting gives users more insights into their PowerFab data.

New drawing hold controls

Additional controls and other updates make it even easier to make better decisions, eliminate errors and delivery quality projects on time.

Now available—Tekla PowerFab 2023

See the latest updates including improved visibility when changes happen, better load management for all inventory items, and easy access to dashboards and shipping calendar in Tekla PowerFab.


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